Child mortality statistics

Category: | Source: Office for National Statistics

March 2012

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) produces mortality statistics for England and Wales on their website. Table 5.19 examines “external causes” of morbidity and mortality, that is, causes due to unintentional and intentional injury.

ONS only provides data for England and Wales as a whole – there are no local breakdowns. However, there are age breakdowns for children and young people in the following age categories:

  •  Under 1s
  • 1-4
  • 5-9
  • 9-14; and
  •  15-19.

There are also breakdowns by gender plus detailed breakdowns by cause codes.

In this way it is possible to determine that, in England and Wales in 2010, 12 under fives died as a result of drowning, of whom 5 died in a bath-tub, and that 8 of those who died were boys while 4 were girls.

Local child mortality statistics data

Contact your public health analyst based in your public health team and ask them to provide information on child mortality statistics in your area.

Updated June 2013