Local safeguarding children board

November 2012

What is a local safeguarding children board?

The function of local safeguarding children boards (LSCBs) is improve the overall wellbeing of children in the local area. The boards are made up of representatives from around the area who have a role to play in the welfare of children.

  • Members include representatives from the local authority, and others who have a strategic role in child welfare within their organisation.
  • Statutory members represent organisations who will carry out the functions of the board. For instance, police and fire chiefs, representatives from district councils, NHS Trusts, and others.

Following a period of consultation, the government is currently revising the Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance. This follows the earlier Munro Review of Child Protection which confirmed the important role of LSCBs in monitoring the effectiveness of partner organisations and improving multi-agency working.

For more information on the Working Together guidance visit the Department for Education (DfE) site:

What is the role of LSCBs in child accident prevention?

As case studies from the Making the Link mentoring programme show, LSCBs can have a key role in driving forward local strategies for child accident prevention. There are a number of recommendations in the NICE public health guidance on preventing unintentional injuries among under-15s which highlight the potential role for LSCBs in:

  • local strategy development
  • the coordination of prevention activities; and
  • the gathering of data, intelligence and learning from practice.

As well as ensuring that key local authority agencies are working together to keep children safe, LSCBs are also likely to be working closely with a wide variety of other partnership organisations, including voluntary and community organisations who may be playing a more important part in local service delivery for children and young people.

For more information, visit the Safe Network website.

Updated June 2013