Minister announces early learning review

Sarah Teather, Children’s Minister, has announced a review of the Early Years Foundation Stage with the aim of making it less bureaucratic and more focused on learning and development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage has been statutory since 2008, and sets standards on early learning for those who provide services to children under 5. The review, which was announced on 6th July, will concentrate on four key areas of the current requirements:

  • The scope of regulation
  • Learning and development
  • Assessment
  • Welfare

Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive of Action for Children, will be leading the review and is tasked with examining the minimum standards to keep children safe. She will also be exploring the best ways to encourage their learning and development.

Children’s Minister Sarah Teather said: “It is not right or fair that children from deprived backgrounds that do really well in their early years are overtaken by lower achieving children from advantaged backgrounds by age five. We need good quality early learning for all children and a framework that raises standards, as well as keeping children safe.”

The report is due at the beginning of 2011 – we will keep you updated with opportunities to contribute to the review, the results, and any future changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage, on Making the Link.

To find out more about the review, watch the video below, or visit the DfE website.


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Updated March 2012