Do you have information on burns from hair straighteners?

Hair straightenersWe know that burns can be the cause of accidents to children and increasingly children suffer burns from hair straighteners.

We are currently writing an article on the costs of burns and we would like to include some information that practitioners may have on the costs of burns from hair straighteners.

The article will be similar to the article we wrote recently on the costs of bath water scalds:

Share your information with us

If you know that burns from hair straighteners are a problem in your area, please get in touch with and tell us what you know.

We may be able to use the information in our costs of burns article or there may be some useful work you're doing to prevent these burns that we can publish on the Making the Link site.

Please contact Suzannah Brown at CAPT if you have any information on burns from hair straighteners either on what it costs to treat those burns or on prevention programmes that we could share with other Making the Link users.

Email Suzannah Brown at or call her on 020 7608 7366.

Updated May 2012