NHS Wakefield

Jane Stark – Health Improvement Practitioner Specialist, NHS Wakefield

March 2011

Jane Stark is the Health Improvement Practitioner Specialist at NHS Wakefield and she works to coordinate child injury prevention activities and strategies.

Jane has been in post for just two years and the role itself sits within the Children’s Public Health Team at NHS Wakefield.

She manages the development and implementation of the district’s multi-agency Child Accident Prevention Partnership (CAPP) Strategy and Action Plan.

This involves working across various teams and partner agencies to improve the safety of children and young people living in the Wakefield district.

Aims of the strategy

The strategy’s vision is to improve the safety of children and young people living in the Wakefield District. This will be achieved by providing information, education and support in key areas to reduce unintentional and deliberate injury.

Specific groups will be targeted to adopt positive attitudes and behaviours towards safety. This will lead to a reduction in A&E attendances and admissions to hospital and injury related mortality.

Success criteria

Key to this programme’s success is the need to address a reduction in inequalities in relation to unintentional and deliberate injury amongst children.

Jane works closely with the Information Team within the PCT in collating, analysing and reporting key information including hospital A&E data, police STATS19, mortality and fire and rescue data. Other data such as ambulance records is monitored on a regular basis.

It was upon analysis of this combined data and other factors such as increasing trends and public awareness that the partnership agreed four priorities for action: 

  • burns/scalds
  • falls
  • transport
  • poisonings

All these actions within the plan are clearly targetted at specific groups of children, young people, parents or carers or professionals.

Working with stakeholders

The strategy covers a number of areas and Jane works with stakeholders from a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations including the following:

  • The 0-19 service
  • Mid Yorkshire Hospitals
  • Children’s centres
  • Safeguarding
  • West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Wakefield Councils Road Safety Team
  • Healthy Schools and Environment Services; and
  • The Young Lives Consortium.

Progress so far

Below are highlights of some of the work that is already underway.

An action for the 0-4 group has been to provide a co-ordinated fitting service for Wakefield Council’s home safety equipment scheme as previously, via the council’s children’s centres, there has been just one fitter covering part of the district.

Jane commissioned a local college to develop and deliver a home safety equipment fitting course and there are ten local caretakers due to take part.

This will improve the safety of children in their homes as targetted parents/carers across the district will receive a home safety check, education and cost price or reduced price home safety equipment fitted properly into their homes.

An action from the 5-11 group has been to engage with the local authority to identify and promote trampoline safety.

A task and finish group with has been set up with the following outcomes:

  • all professionals working with children and young people will be competent to deliver appropriate and timely safety messages;
  • parents/carers will be aware of the safety messages and rules using trampolines safely at home;
  • children and young people will be better equipped to keep themselves and others safer using the trampoline.

An action from the 12-19 group has been to promote the benefits of cycling and increase the numbers of children, young people and adults cycling safely.

This aims to increase physical activity and reduce the number of car journeys to school.

A team of ten stakeholders are involved with this programme and it is currently running in one of our local High Schools and will be rolled out further over the coming months.

Involving parents, carers and children

It’s equally important to practitioners in the development and delivery of this strategy to involve all parents/carers and children and young people. This means they all have a voice and it helps Jane have a better understanding of local need, motivations and barriers.

If you'd like any more information about the CAPP strategy in Wakefield please email Jane at: jane.stark@wdpct.nhs.uk

Updated March 2012