Public health observatories

November 2012

There are nine public health observatories in England, each one responsible for collecting, analysing and disseminating health data throughout a particular region. They are an invaluable resource for health information as they provide easy access to tools and statistics to help you identify the injury prevention priorities in your area.

What information do they provide?

Data sources for child accidents include hospital episode statistics, police road traffic accident statistics, fire statistics and incident reports. Injury data is vital for informing delivery initiatives and the work of Local Strategic Partnerships. It is also useful for measuring progress and evaluating work against local performance indicators.

The public health observatories

APHO – Association of Public Health Observatories - The umbrella organisation for all public health observatories including 9 from the English regions and 3 more for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Links to the regional observatories can be found in the table below. As well as providing information across all topics throughout a particular region, each regional PHO acts as a ‘lead’ on one or two specific health issues. You can see their 'lead' topics below, or view the next resource for more information on injury prevention and the PHOs.

East of England PHO

Leads on: Primary Care

Sustainable Development

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

East Midlands PHO

Leads on: Food and Nutrition

Renal Disease

Teenage Pregnancy


London PHO

Leads on: Black and Ethnic Minorities


Health Inequalities

North East PHO

Leads on: Mental Health

Learning Disabilities

Offender Health

Europe and International

North West PHO

Leads on: Drug Misuse


Crime and Violence

Dental Health

South East PHO

Leads on: Physical Activity



Coronary Heart Disease


South West PHO

Leads on: Sexual Health


End of Life

West Midlands PHO

Leads on: Older People

Social Care


Yorkshire and the Humber PHO

Leads on: Children and Young People

Includes ChiMAt - the Child and Mental Health Observatory


Health Economics

Updated June 2013