Research into home safety

March 2012

Which programmes reduce injury rates or change safety behaviour in the home?

Child resistant packaging

The summary reports cited at the top of the page also have evidence on child resistant packaging, but for more detailed information,see the below study. It reports a 'highly significant' drop in accidental child poisonings when child-resistant packaging was introduced.

Window bars

High mortality rates due to falls in New York city prompted the start of the programme 'Children can't fly.' As a large proportion of the population lives in high-rise accommodation, injuries and deaths caused by children falling from windows were unacceptably high.

An evaluation of the programme, which made it compulsory for landlords to install window bars in flats with children, understandably caused a dramatic reduction in injuries and deaths.

Swimming pool fencing

A Cochrane review of the available research on swimming pool fencing concluded that isolation fencing (i.e. that which completely surrounds the pool, rather than encloses the pool and the house) was significantly effective in reducingd rownings of young children.


Updated June 2013