Research into pedestrian safety

March 2012

Which accident prevention programmes can change the safety behaviour of pedestrians?

Practical pedestrian training

Research carried out at the University of the West of England demonstrated that Kerbcraft -  a practical pedestrian training scheme - had a positive impact on the pedestrian awareness levels of trained children.

Trained children had a much higher awareness of pedestrian safety after the training.

The Good Practice Guide for practical child pedestrian training, developed on behalf of DfT, gives detailed information on all aspects of practical pedestrian training.

Find out more about planning and setting up a scheme, recruiting volunteers and delivering training, as well as evaluating your success.

The guide specifically recommends the Kerbcraft training scheme, as it has been fully evaluated and is demonstrably successful. Find out more by visiting the Kerbcraft website.

Traffic Clubs

Traffic Clubs are programmes which involve parents teaching children basic road safety. They build on the finding that parents find it difficult to deliver age-appropriate education to their children. A traffic club guides the parents to give lessons to their children that are age-appropriate.

A study carried out at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands indicated that parents were capable of carrying out this training, and that the training can have a positive impact on child behaviour.

It is also worth looking at a study that was done on traffic clubs in Scotland, which noted a positive increase in all forms of safety behaviour: children and parents holding hands, wearing bright clothes after dark, etc.

A systematic review of randomised controlled trials of pedestrian education programs (covering traffic clubs and practical pedestrian training) also noticed an improvement in pedestrian behaviour - pedestrians who had completed the training were more likely to cross the road safely. However, the research did note that whether this reduced the risk of pedestrian injury was unknown.

Updated June 2013