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Every year 60 under-fives die, 40,000 are admitted to hospital and 450,000 attend A&E due to accidental injuries at home. This is why preventing accidents is one of the six High Impact Areas for health visiting and accident prevention is highlighted as a Best Start priority by Public Health England.

As the delivery of early years services becomes more integrated, it makes sense to commission training that enables staff with complementary roles to learn together. CAPT’s in-house training service has been supporting this approach for several years, working with the diverse range of stakeholders across the early years system.

What course participants say about CAPT training

Many professionals working with parents of under-fives have opportunities to pass on safety advice during their routine contacts. 

But, to do this effectively, staff need to be up-to-date and confident about how to get safety messages across. This is where training from CAPT makes the difference.

In the past year, over 450 practitioners have benefited from our in-house training courses – health visitors, community nursery nurses, children’s centre staff, fire and rescue officers and many others …

Our interactive courses give staff the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to make a difference. They create champions for child safety by sharing ways of engaging families with imaginative techniques that are easy to put into practice. The feedback has been tremendous.

With in-house training, our expert trainers come direct to you. Your organisation provides the venue and recruits course participants.

More about workforce training

These two courses focus on the under-fives:

"I realised the importance of not just ‘telling’ parents but engaging them through questioning and visual props and local news.” 

“I will amend our safety checklist and help families to take ownership of risk assessing their homes.” 


Kevin Lowe, Head of Consultancy Services Tel: 020 7608 7363


Updated September 2016